Old Firm Casuals: Debut NYC Show

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Old Firm Casuals: Debut NYC Show

Post by RocksOff2011 on Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:41 pm

The debut NYC show of Lars Frederiksen's new band The Old Firm Casuals - straight up old school OI!

Come See Old Firm Casuals in NYC this Sunday at Santos Party House! The show will start at 7pm.
The lineup also includes...The Krays / Stigma / Kickstarts / Ashers / Live Fast Die Fast
Don't miss this event as it is sure to be a rager.
If you have any questions about the show or your purchase, please contact Sancho Dominguez at sancho @ rocksoff dot com or check out our FAQ page on rocksoff dot com

For Tickets & Info visit: rocksoff dot com / shows / 1556

You're doin' just right
You're doin' just right

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